All Plug-ins Tested with FL-Studio [except Apple stuff]. Androids with HTC-Desire & Samsung Galaxy Note II
... and little reminder that all the VST plugins & Tools on the blog are free and legal. Not any crack or key.gen shit. Enjoy!

VST Warehouse - Psychic Modulation - Arptron

Arptron - A hybrid phase distortion arp-synth with two crossfading oscillator sections, part VA, part phase distortion. Equipt with an onboard dual delay section.

  • 2 crossfading oscillators
  • Phase Distortion(Osc1)
  • Multi-detune
  • Dual arpeggiator section (can also be used as a MIDI arp)
  • 3 Envelopes (Dedicated Filter and Amp Envelopes + Mod Envelope)
  • High, band & lowpass filter (All can be used simultaneously)
  • 2 LFOs (BPM synced)
  • Dual Stereo Delay
  • External Audio Processing
  • Audio Mixer (allows crossfading the oscillators w/ incoming audio)
  • Polyphonic portemento
  • Assignable Mod Wheel
  • 64 presets

Developer: Psychic Modulation


VST Warehouse - De La Mancha - FMMF

The waveforms, algorithms and envelopes in FMMF are all shown graphically, with the envelopes allowing dragging of nodes and clicking to change contour. Special attention has been paid to the envelopes to allow you to customise them in many ways, such as the number of stages, the contour of each stage, sustain and repeat points and tempo-sync. There are envelopes for the volume of each operator, the pitch, and the effects section (filter, distortion and delay) all with velocity and key tracking. Further modulation comes in the form of LFO’s for the pitch and effects section, with many LFO waveforms available, including my favourite, randomising.

For further sound design potential you have a low pass filter, a multi-mode distortion and a flexible delay (with comb delay option). An arpeggiator let’s you add even more movement to create rhythmic sequences.

• 4 Operator FM Synthesis instrument with 17 FM algorithms
• 11 different waveforms per operator, with note sync option
• 7 Multi-segment Envelopes (up to 32 stages) for amp, pitch and effects modulation
• 3 LFO’s for pitch and effects modulation
• All envelopes can be free or tempo-sync, each stage can have it’s own contour
• Envelopes can have user defined sustain and repeat points with flexible locking and zeroing options
• LFO’s can be free or tempo sync, with 20 waveforms and phase & note sync options
• Each LFO has it’s own ADSR envelope
• Arpeggiator with 6 modes and adjustable tempo-sync, note length and octave range
• Resonant low pass filter with key and velocity tracking, can be modulated by envelopes or LFOs
• Distortion effect with 18 flavours, can be modulated by envelopes or LFOs
• Delay with comb delay option, size, feedback and damping, modulated by envelope or LFO
• Harmonics can be adjusted from 1 to 256, with limit on frequency beyond Nyquist
• Polyphony adjustable from 1 to 16 voices
• Portamento time
• 64 presets by brian botkiller covering many styles

Developer:  De La Mancha


VST Warehouse - B. Serrano - ARTEMIS

  • 2 three voices oscillators.
  • Oscillators sync and cross-modulation.
  • White / Pink noise generator.
  • 2 HP/LP filters 12/24 db in serial and/or parallels
  • 2 DADSR mod-envelopes
  • 2 LFO in free-run / Host BPM sync (can run at very high frequencies)
  • LFO 1 can modulate LFO 2
  • Ring modulator
  • Delay
  • Resonator
  • Chorus with feedback level
  • 6 x 13 digital modulation matrix
  • Audio routing for semi-modular synthesis.
  • MIDI learn on all knobs / sliders.
Developer: B. Serrano


VST Warehouse - miniSoftmusik - Addvector

With this Synthi and his 8 oscillators it is possible to generate nonspecific waveforms. This waveforms can be morph together with 2 XY-Pads. The possibilities for sound creation are infinit!

  • FTT Synthi
  • 8 oscillators
  • 2 XY-Pads
  • 2 Multi mode filter
  • Rich modulation possibilities via FTT generator
  • Possibility to import one cycle waves ( for this topic we recommend )

New features version 2.0 :
  • New GUI
  • Better resynthesizer function, the samples will be almost 1 to 1 imported
  • Many other changes under the hood

New features version 2.2 :
  •  Some GUI tweaks
  • Software optimization
Developer: miniSoftmusik

VST Warehouse - DSK Music - DSK XXX

DSK XXX is an FM synth with:
  • 3 oscillators (octave selector, micro-detuner, filter...)
  • 3 LFO (assignable to Pan, pitch, Width, Filter, Pan Filter...
  • 3 Filters (assignable).
Developer: DSK Music


VST Warehouse - De La Mancha - plastique

plastique is a 2 oscillator subtractive synth, using the 31 waveforms from the Casio HT-700 synth and some enhancements to the originals feature set. It does lofi 80s sounds but also so much more, with a configurable filter (up to 16 poles), a pitch envelope for percussion, an arp, tempo sync delay & LFO, chorus and some lofi instability

  • 31 Waveforms from the Casio HT-700
  • 2 Oscs with sync and octave / semitone detune
  • Configurable Resonant Low Pass filter (2-16 poles with cut-off spread)
  • Volume and Pitch envelopes
  • Tempo sync LFO with 10 waveforms and note-on sync to modulate filter and pitch
  • Tempo sync Arp with 6 modes and adjustable octave range, note length
  • Tempo sync Delay
  • Adjustable Chorus
  • Lofi options include reduction in quality, distortion and pitch drift
  • 64 presets from Tim Conrardy, Ouroboros & Sink

Developer:  De La Mancha


VST Warehouse - platinumears - IQ4gui

Imagine a standard compressor with a filter inserted in the side-chain, so that it only responds to certain frequencies. Now imagine that instead of controlling the overall gain of the signal, it only controls the volume of specific frequencies... you just discovered dynamic EQ - IQ4gui

In other words, it can compress or expand specific frequencies in a similar manner to multi-band compression (but with a very different character) or it can de-ess, or perform more esoteric functions such as ducking one frequency when another is prominent. 

You may find it easier to imagine the process as an automatic EQ, which can be used to cut a certain frequency only when it becomes a problem, or apply a boost only when that region isn't already loud enough.

While the audio signal passes through all four EQ bands in series, the side-chain filters are configured in parallel and are all fed from the main input, so changes to band one (for example) will not affect the amount of gain reduction or expansion applied by any other bands. 

  • 4 identical EQ bands, switchable between shelving or peaking types.
  • 4 dynamics processing modes (up or down, compression or expansion).
  • RMS detection for musical dynamic shaping.
  • Separately tunable sidechain filters with side-chain listen option.
  • MS processing.
Developer: platinumears


VST Warehouse - Full Bucket Music - The scrooo

The scrooo is a VST2.4 polyphonic software synthesizer plug-in for Windows based on a spectral formant synthesis architecture and written in native C++ code for high performance.

Main features:
  • Up to 32 voices polyphony including portamento.
  • Two band-limited carrier oscillators.
  • Three fully independent formant generator sections.
  • Three formant generation modes.
  • Two amplifiers with volume and panorama control.
  • Three envelopes (ADSR) with exponential slopes.
  • Three low frequency oscillators (LFOs) with tempo synchronization.
Developer: Full Bucket Music


VST Warehouse - DSK Music - DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ

DSK Music - DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ
  • 4 acoustic guitar type
  • Amp. envelope and fine tunning
  • Stereo spread and portamento
  • 3 Fx (flanger, delay & chorus)
  • Velocity response
Developer: DSK Music


VST Warehouse - Fretted Synth Audio - FreeAmp 3 Full

Free Amp is a multi guitar amp-sim, with built-in Guitar synth.


  • Includes Guitsyn, a built-in guitar synth.
  • Seven different amp types.
  • Seven different EQs, all have there own controls for comparison.
  • Six speakers, plus bypass, adjustable by the mic placement.
  • Separate MIDI volume control, can be placed pre or post amp.
  • Host Sync and Tap Tempo for Tremolo and Delay.
  • Noise gate.
  • Tremolo, Triangle and square modulators.
  • Two compressors, pre and post amp.
  • Wah can operate by MIDI CC, plus has auto features.
  • Drive pedal, with a choice of seven overdrive types.
  • Chorus with added filter.
  • Flanger.
  • Phase Shifter.
  • Delay and Reverb.
  • 128 factory presets.

VST Warehouse - Krakli - Chill

Polysynth with some unusual sound shaping components but still capable of delivering organic and realistic sounding tones. Contains 70+ presets including a selection from TechNoiZ and some from Mystahr

Developer: Krakli


VST Warehouse - lday synths - Athmonova2

Athmonova2 - Virtual Analog Synthesizer Module v1.01
  • 1 OSC with saw/tri/pwm + 1 Subosc in different Modis
  • 1 Noise OSC
  • 1 Filter with LP/HP/BP/Formant
  • 1 Lfo with different Routings and Delay/Depth3x ADS/r Filter/Mod/Envelope
  • 1 Overdrive/Distortion
  • 1 Pingpong Delay
  • 1 Stereo Wider

Developer: lday synths


VST Warehouse - Variety Of Sound - preFIX

preFIX is a pre-mixing and audio alignment tool which typically takes place upfront the mixing process. It provides a clever tool set to clean-up, fix and align audio tracks (typically taken from recordings) concerning overall frequency correction, phase alignment, spatial stereo field corrections and routing. It contains a complete gate/expander solution with a dedicated and comprehensive sidechain filtering path as well.

  • Main audio path filter
    • Baxandall style shelving filter with pristine audio quality
    • Smooth butterworth high- and lowpass filter with switchable characteristics (12 and 24dB per octave)
    • Both are oversampled and match their analog model curve behavior
  • Sidechain path EQ and filter
    • Whole spectrum “tilt style” balancing filter with adjustable center frequency
    • Smooth butterworth high- and lowpass filter with switchable characteristics (12 and 24dB per octave)
    • A dedicated parametric peaking EQ
    • Internal/external sidechain switchable
    • Sidechain listening option
  • Gate/Expander
    • Adjustable threshold between -80 and +6dBFS
    • Freely adjustable knee from hard- to soft-knee behaviour up to 1:2 downward expander mode
    • Range limiting option (floor)
    • Channel link switchable
    • Envelope follower section with attack, hold and release control
    • Attack timing features console style peak timings as well as two rms modes
    • Additional gate pre-open timing option
  • Phase alignment
    • Analog style stepless signal phase corrections
    • Detailed options for adopting phase response curve regarding polarity, frequency center and width
    • Additional digital signal delay option
    • Phase control switchable to channel 1, 2 or both
  • Advanced control
    • Detailed output channel routing with six different modes
    • Stereo image rotation option visually supported by a goniometer
    • Output level control with special mono mode to mix in channel 1 and 2
Developer: Variety Of Sound


VST Warehouse - Krakli - S3K

An S3 ‘mono’ synth with a whole load of attitude. Complete with 64 excellent patches from himalaya, S3K attempts to fuse retro sounds with a hard modern edge. Octaver, Ring mod and arpeggiators are added in addition to the normal Echo, Phase and Reverb effects. For the best effect make sure that you use the modulation wheel to its full potential.

Developer: Krakli


VST Warehouse - LePou Plugins - Poulin LeCab

Poulin LeCab is simply the IR cab loader of SoloC FullStack with a stereo option.

Here's how the stereo option works:
  • Independent Mode: The left signal is processed with Cabinet 1 and the right signal with Cabinet 2. You can position each of the resulting signals with the pan knobs.
  • Blend Mode: Both signals are processed with each Cabinet. The volume knobs of each cabinet are linked. This time you can position each of the resulting signals with the pan knobs.
Developer: LePou Plugins


VST Warehouse - lday synths - LPX-S1

    LPX-S1 virtual synthesizer
  • 6 voice polyphonic synth
  • 2 Oscillatos (LPM and 7xUnison Oscillator with standard shafts)
  • 1 + ADSR filter (LP, HP, BP, XP, Vocal)
  • 1 ADSR Envelope
  • 2 LFO (with SINE, SAW, RAMP, S & H)
  • 1 trance gate (with gate trigger)
  • A ping-pong stereo delay
  • MIDI input with velocity aftertouch.
Developer: lday synths


Sound Demos:

VST Warehouse - Ignite Amps - NRR-1

NRR-1 is a digital emulation of a three channels tube preamplifier for guitar. It has been developed to accurately model its real hardware counterpart, built for Fleshgod Apocalypse guitarist Cristiano Trionfera by Ignite Amps, back in 2009. 

The NRR-1 core circuit is mainly based on a famous boutique preamplifier made in '88, modded to suit Cristiano's needs in the best possible way. 

  • Dynamic 12AX7 / ECC83 coupled triode stages analog modeling.
  • Three channels: clean, rhythm and lead, each with fully separated controls.
  • Mono / Stereo processing support.
  • Selectable oversampling rate (up to 8x).
  • Global input / output level controls.
  • Double precision (64 bit) floating point mathematical model.
  • Fully automatable controls.
Developer: Ignite Amps


VST Warehouse - Variety Of Sound - BootEQ

BootEQ is a musical-sounding mixing EQ and pre-amp simulation.

Features / Specification:
  • Four parametric and independent EQ bands.
  • Special selected and musical sounding EQ curves and phase responses.
  • Capable of reproducing several 'classic' curves and EQ behavior.
  • Well adjusted auto Q and versatile overlapping frequency ranges.
  • Minimized curve warping near Nyquist frequency.
  • Detailed modeled pre-amp simulation.
  • Subtle and nice audio coloration enhancements.
  • SSE and Assembler optimized sound engine.
  • State-of-the-art digital signal processing.
  • Low CPU EQ and minimum latency processing.
  • Musical sounding EQ curves (frequency and phase response).
  • Signal modeled pre-amp simulation.


VST Warehouse - Krakli - StringZ2

StringZ is a physically modeled String ensemble and Solo String synthesizer.

At home providing moving and almost real string sounds, StringZ can also be used to provide the more esoteric ensemble and pad sounds.  Complete with a full bank of 128 presets which have been kindly contributed by Tim Conrardy and Himalaya showing the full range of this distinctive keyboard.

Developer Krakli


VST Warehouse - GTG Synths - GTG NR2010

GTG NR2010

A good old analog polysynth with a 24dB filter, snappy envelopes and nice mod effects.

Developer: GTG Synths


VST Warehouse - TubeOhm - Anti-Transpirant Free & Stepper 4free

Stepper 4free

Anti-Transpirant Free

Anti-Transpirant Free + Stepper 4free

Developer: TubeOhm


Note: If you’re using this in FL Studio, don't forget to set the Use fixed size buffer ON via the
Fruity Wrapper Settings. Otherwise sound is distorted.

VST Warehouse - BigTick - Rainbow

Thanks to an original mixture of FM, AM, additive and substractive synthesis, Rainbow is able to produce a wide assortment of sounds, from analog emulations or synthesized drums to 80’s electric pianos or synth basses. Each voice features up to 4 oscillators, with a variety of classic waveforms (Sine, Saw, Square, Triangle, Noise). These waveforms can be modified in a number of ways, including variable distortion waveshaper and rectification. Oscillators routing is fully dynamic, with sliders controlling the FM amount and mix output. This makes it possible to define your own FM algorithms, including crazy feedback combinations not found in typical FM implementations.

Finally, The mix from the four oscillators is processed by a warm multimode resonant filter (HP, LP or BP, with -12 dB/oct or -24 dB/oct slopes). A stereo chorus effect provides the finishing touch.

In addition to this classic FM/substractive architecture, Rainbow provides a few innovations that set it apart from other synths: oscillators can amplitude-modulate each other for unusual ringing textures. The onboard step sequencer can be used to generate hypnotic patterns and unique effects. Microtonal support is also available.

If you need classic sounds (like powerful analog basses or shimerring FM pads) with an unusual edge, Rainbow may be just what you need. There are many preset banks available for download, that demonstrate the power and originality of this unique synthesizer. 

Developer: BigTick

Requires registration

VST Warehouse - GTG Synths - GTG JP 7A

  • 6 voice analog synth.
  • Pitch bender with 3 ranges.
  • Mono mode with 4 key priority choices.
  • Osc sync and pitch envelope.
  • 24 dB filter with LP, HP and BP settings.
  • MIDI automation.
Developer: GTG Synths


VST Warehouse - GTG Synths - GTG ST 2008

Pads and FX synth. Based on the MX 2008, a synth for fast and easy creation of moving textures, lush pads, chords and electronic effect sounds.

Developer: GTG Synths


Sound Demo

VST Warehouse - platinumears - L3V3LL3R

L3V3LL3R is a faithful model of the legendary "Leveller" hardware compressor from the '60s. These units are extremely rare and collectable due to the fact that less than one of them was ever made and sold. On the plus side, this did make it possible for platinumears to collect together ALL surviving examples, and thereby create a modelled VST version that is actually more like the original units than the original units were themselves. 

The compressor uses an algorithm which is somewhere between feed-forward and feed-backward and which platinumears has therefore dubbed "feed sideways". It can be gentle and subtle if you want it to be. But its more fun when you slam it hard, especially on drums.

  • One knob compression: turn up the comp knob for more, turn it down for less.
  • Optional soft clipping keeps your peaks below 0dBFS: turn up the Gain knob to drive it harder.
  • Powerful envelope shaping, with no calibration for the time constants: use your ears!
  • Series mode: mode "II" runs two L3V3LL3Rs in series for some serious smashing.
  • Not that much cpu load at all really. Stick one on every track if you want....
Developer: platinumears


Made with SynthMaker and skinned using Skinman and Knobman.

VST Warehouse - Acrobatics - Vento

Vento is a a high-structured 4 voices harmonic chorus which treats every channel with a different modulation, then the tremolo section gives additional shine and sculpting possibilities.

Features include
  • Adjustable chorus and tremolo depth.
  • Proportional speed control.
  • Harmonic expansion/contraction of the 4 voices.
  • External keyboard tracking and aftertouch level options.
  • Choice between serial or parallel feedback path.
  • A bypass switch for fast comparisons.
  • Dry/Wet mixing.
Developer: Acrobatics


VST Warehouse - B. Serrano - PLUTON

PLUTON is especially made for MPT-FR, the Open Mod Plug Tracker french community.

  • 12 voices polyphonic
  • Full MDI learn implementation
  • Envelope & LFO Host syncable
  • Sync and FM
  • ....and more!
Developer: B. Serrano


VST Warehouse - Blue Cat's Phaser

Modeled after vintage analog phaser circuits, Blue Cat's Phaser reproduces this old vintage phasing effect that you can find on so many recordings, but with the precision of modern digital processing techniques. You can choose to apply up to 32 phasing stages, pushing the model to its limits, or create a subtle phasing effect with wet and feedback parameters set to a few percents. 

You can also control the phase of the signal in the wet and feedback paths (these parameters can have negative values), which extends the possibilities of the model: the included factory presets will show you how many sounds you can get from this effect. 

The MIDI control capabilities of this plug-in let you use it with any hardware or software MIDI controller, and the User Interface is totally customizable thanks to Blue Cat's Skinning Language support. 

  • Multi-stage analog-style phaser effect.
  • Up to 32 phasing stages.
Blue Cat Audio Standards:
  • Native DSP code for optimal performance.
  • Skinnable user interface.
  • Smooth Update: silent, zipper-free parameters update.
  • Full automation support.
  • No CPU load on idle: when the plug-in is fed with silence, the processing smoothly shuts down, to optimize the CPU usage of your Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Real time MIDI control with advanced settings and MIDI learn.
  • Smooth Bypass: activate/deactivate the plug-in with absolutely no noise.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Import/Export presets in a host independent format.
  • Any sample rate supported.
Developer: Blue Cat Audio


VST Warehouse - DSK Music - SixSenZe

DSK SixSenZe

  • Octave select and micro-detuner
  • Amp. envelope
  • Multimode Filter
  • SuperSAW effect
  • Midi automation
  • Preset selector
Developer:  DSK Music

VST Warehouse - DSK Music - DSK SF2 - v2

Free high quality SoundFont player
  • Bank and preset selector
  • Midi channel selector
  • Note control (Bend, Retrigger)
  • Amp. envelope
  • Multimode Filter
  • Advanced LFO with output route
  • Midi automation & learn
  • Portamento time control
  • Filter amp. envelope
  • Delay fx
  • Redistributed GUI
Developer DSK Music


VST Warehouse - DSK Music - Ethereal Padz 2

DSK Ethereal Padz 2

Pads sound module.

  • 3 Layers with 111 Pads sounds
  • ADSR, Finetuning and Pan control
  • 3 Advanced Filters
  • 3 LFO routing to Cut, Pan, Level and Pitch
  • Chorus effect
  • Reverb Effect
  • Velocity response
  • Midi automation 
Developer: DSK Music

VST Warehouse - Sonic Assault - Fade-X! 1.1


Virtual Motorised Audio Cross Fader

  • Animated Cross Slider
  • 15 Second Maximum Adjustable Fade Time
  • A/B/Mix Snap Controls
  • Auto/Manual Slide Control
  • 5 Selectable Fade Contours
  • Output Gain Adjustment
  • External MIDI Control
  • User Entry Label
  • 16 User Patches
Developer: Sonic Assault


VST Warehouse - AudioTeknikk - RedAmption

RedAmption is a versatile and powerful compressor suited for many different tasks. It is designed to respond as a analog compressor would do. It also has four saturation/ distortion modes.
  • Switchable gain reduction/ input output meter.
  • Feed forward/ backward blend knob.
  • Feed forward feed backward / sidechain blend knob.
  • Tilt EQ knob to alter tone of envelope follower signal.
  • Threshold knob. 0...-48dBfs
  • Ratio knob. 1: 1.1...20
  • Attack knob. Time 0.1...100 ms
  • Release knob. Time 0.04...4 sec
  • Adjustable soft knee 0...24dB
  • Stereo, individual left right, mid or side processing buttons.
  • Four saturation mode buttons.
  • Dry/ wet blend knob.
  • Makeup gain knob.
  • Off/On switch.
  • Ctrl + left mouse click to default knobs.
  • Shift + left mouse click and drag to get precise knob movement.

Developer: AudioTeknikk


VST Warehouse - Sonic Assault - Sinthecyza! 1.5

 Sinthecyza! 1.5
  • Single FM operator synthesizer.
  • 4 patchable host synced LFOs.
  • 4 patchable HAHDSR envelope generators with LFO timed triggering and output level control.
Developer: Sonic Assault

VST Warehouse - digitalfishphones - Endorphin

Dynamics processors are essential when recording, mixing and editing music. But when it comes to compressing an entire sum signal, a lot of digital compressors turn out to be unusable, many of them were made to process single-track signals only.

On complex sources they tend to produce a 'pumping' sound, distort or just make your music lifeless. There are manufacturers telling you 'this is the only compressor you'll ever need'. Don't believe them. Sound signals are far too complex to be handled by a single device.

Your music deserves care and attention to details. This applies especially to the post-mixdown stage, often referred to as 'mastering'.

Endorphin is no universal talent either.

It is a specialist for complex sources like a mixdown, after having made minor sonic adjustments and right before burning the track to CD.
Furthermore, it can help to increase depth, definition and loudness of a track.
I call it an 'analog-style' compressor: endorphin uses models like frequency-dependent nonlinear operation, different harmonics creation stages as well as two basic compressor circuits taken from the analog realm.

An overview on the features:
  • Two independent frequency bands (low and high frequency processing)
  • Switchable stereo or M/S mode operation
  • Two basic compressor designs:
    • modern vca mode with soft-knee characteristics and manual time constants. This mode provides an instant response behaviour and deep compression, using a feed-forward circuit
    • Vintage-style opto (photo resistor) mode, modelled after ancient opto-electrical compressors. The time constants stay manually set, but they are also affected by the signal's energy. This mode has the typical opto-style 'overshoot' on quick transients, this is one of the most gentle compressors you may find. Classical feed-back detector circuit

  • Adjustable high-level output stage with analog-style saturation
  • Global 'de-comp/sat' section. It's you who decides how the unit reacts to large amounts of gain reduction as well as when and how to saturate.
  • Maximum output: -0.1dBFS. This is very helpful when using the plugin as the last stage before burning the CD.


VST Warehouse - DSK Music - DSK RhodeZ

DSK RhodeZ is a free Rhodes piano sound module for Windows.

  • 6 Rhodes piano variations.
  • Velocity response.
  • Amp. envelope and micro-detuner.
  • HP/LP Filter.
  • 3 Fx (Reverb, Flanger & Chorus).
Developer: DSK Music

VST Warehouse - AudioTeknikk - GreenEugene

GreenEugene is a saturation filter and distortion plug-in. When used gently without the drive function it can be useful on a full track to achieve some added color and dynamic changes to the mix.
  • Input level knob.
  • Saturation amount knob.
  • Six push buttons for selecting saturation/ distortion characters.
  • Ctrl+Left mouse click to default knobs.
  • Indicator light
  • Off/On switch.
  • Ctrl + left mouse click to default knobs.
  • Shift + left mouse click and drag to get precise knob movement.
Developer: AudioTeknikk


VST Warehouse - B. Serrano - Radium

Radium is a virtual analog synthesizer.

  • 16 voices polyphonic.
  • 2 oscillators + sub.
  • Substractive / FM capabilities.
  • Multi-modes state variable filter (LP, HP, BP, BR).
  • 2 host syncable LFO.
  • 32 stages envelope time/level (host-syncable).
  • Arpeggiator.
  • MIDI learn implementation.
  • Comfortable XY Pad.
  • Auto Pan.
  • Delay.
  • Chorus.
  • CV sequencer on filter (like Ceres).
  • Built-in patch management.
Developer: B. Serrano


VST Warehouse - Two Notes Audio Engineering - Torpedo PI-FREE

Torpedo PI-FREE is a channel strip plug-in based on Two Notes' flagship model, Torpedo PI-101, but only features 1 model of power amp simulation (EL34 / AB class), 1 speaker cab (based on a Marshall 4x12) and 1 type of microphone (based on a Shure SM57). And you still have the full Post FX section. 

Of course, the PI-FREE plug-in features the unique Torpedo algorithm, originally found on Two Notes' VB-101 unit, that allows you to virtually move the microphone in front of the speaker cabinet (as you would in a real recording room) and to simulate the sound of a hard driven speaker.

Key features:
  • Power amp simulation (EL34 / AB class).
  • Miking section: 1 Marshall 4x12 cab. 1 Shure SM57.
  • Advanced algorithm based on convolution processing.
  • Post FX section to shape your sound, including: lo-cut, 5 band EQ, Exciter and compressor.
  • Low latency processing.
  • Customize the GUI to show only the tools you use.
Developer: Two Notes Audio Engineering

Requires registration, but it's worth

DOWNLOAD (Mac OS X, Win32, Win64)

VST Warehouse - Xenobioz - Dulcet VSTI

Dulcet VSTI is a delay based physical modelling hybrid using basic synth waveforms and different Noise modes together with filters.

  • Body resonator with many different modes.
  • Noise, with Pink, Red, Blue, White noise modes which can be used as a noise generator or an exciter for the PM delay when the feedback (FB slider) is at max.
  • Oscillator with saw, sine, square (with adjustable pulse width) waves and white and pink noise modes. It can be used as a sub oscillator, or as an exciter for the PM delay.
  • Pre-filter(Filters before the PM delay) with different filter modes and Source options (Noise/Osc/Both).
  • Another Filter with different modes and modulation options.
  • Vibrato and tremolo/ LFO for the filter.
  • Pitch envelope with adjustable probability.
  • A delay.
Developer: Xenobioz


Demo song with an older version of Dulcet (YouTube)

VST Warehouse - Ignite Amps - The Anvil

The Anvil is a digital emulation of a three channels tube preamplifier for guitar. It has been developed to accurately model its real hardware counterpart, designed by Andy Zeugs.
The Anvil has three completely independent channels, with different signal paths and separate tonestack controls, to maximize its versatility:
  • The Clean channel is inspired by the classic Californian circuits and provides crystal clear tones even at high gain settings.
  • The Rhythm channel has a hot-rodded British character, varying from mild crunch to hi-gain distortion.
  • The Lead channel provides super-tight metal tones, retaining accuracy and responsiveness even at very high gain settings.
Every single component in the signal path of the real analog circuit has been taken into account and modeled in the best possible way to match the original sound, keeping an eye on CPU performance and real-time playability at the same time.
The Anvil is meant to be used as a guitar preamplifier for live playing and jamming, tracking or mixing inside hosts capable of VST or AU plug-ins support.
Main Features:
  • Dynamic 12AX7 / ECC83 coupled triode stages analog modeling.
  • Three channels: clean, rhythm and lead, each with fully separated controls.
  • Mono / Stereo processing support.
  • Selectable oversampling rate (up to 8x).
  • Global input / output level controls.
  • Double precision (64 bit) floating point mathematical model.
  • Fully automatable controls.
  • Zero latency.
Developer: Ignite Amps