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VST Warehouse -Slam E- xtent of the Jam

Extent of the Jam: Slam is an original drum machine design inspired by analog drum machines of days gone by. It's made to allow users to create hard-hitting snares, beefy bassdrums, and all kinds of other sounds-- with ease.

Each sound was meticulously tweaked to give you deep organic sounds with a wide range of options and settings. Close your eyes and you won't even think it's digital.

But Extent of the Jam: Slam isn't content to just emulate old drum machines. While most old drum machines only had two levels of velocity (accented and non-accented), Slam gives you 127 levels of velocity for each drum. And it's not just different volume levels: the velocity alters how the drums react. It also features drums not commonly found on analog drum machines such as finger-snap and tambourine. It'll even produce gnarly synth bass tones that you can play on a chromatic scale.

Developer: Extent of the Jam