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VST Warehouse - Noisebud - Fletchy-Muncher VST Plugin

Fletchy-Muncher exaggerate the Fletcher-Munson effect to detect masked harshness in mixes with too much high and low-end (very common in bedroom and home-studio productions).

If you mixed and mastered something at home and excited as a kid on Christmas-eve patiently waiting for the DJ to drop it in the club and when he finally does, with the volume cranked up to 11, it sound like someone hitting a hammer on a anvil and you see people with bleeding ears everywhere, then you need this...

How to use:
Put it last in your chain and slowly start to move the knob against the 'Default' position. A good blanaced mix/master should survive all the way to 'Default' with just a little increase in harshness. If you find your mix too harsh halfway through you'll have to go back to the mix/master and use EQ, MB compression or other tools to soften it a bit.

Remember to put the plugin at 'Flat', bypass it or remove it before bounce your new mix/master.

You only need this if your mixes/masters are too harsh when played outside of your studio. If that's not the case this method might cause more damage than good to your tracks.

Developer: Noisebud