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VST Warehouse - VB Audio - Striptool

Striptool is a virtual channel strip offering various types of digital audio processings. As with a real mixing desk, you may use Striptool on all channels of a multitrack project.

Striptool includes everything you need to produce a professional mix : a 4-band parametric EQ, low-pass and high-pass filters, an expander, a de-esser and also input/output level controls. Besides, it features a set of three VU-meters respectively displaying (top to bottom) input level, gain reduction and output level.

Striptool V1 is free while Striptool V2 & V3 can be bought online [].

Striptool V1 includes the following features :

  • -24 to +24 dB Input Gain.
  • Semi-param EQ (pre-compressor).
  • "Post-Compressor EQ" switch.
  • "SIDE-CH" button allowing the EQ signal to be routed to the control input of the compressor.
  • Compressor with 3 preset knee-settings (Hard, Medium, Soft).
  • Output Gain Long-Throw Fader from -48 to +48 dB.
  • Input Level VU-meter.
  • Gain reduction VU-meter.
  • Output level VU-meter.
  • Global level-display window ("DISPLAY METER" button).

Developer: VB Audio