All Plug-ins Tested with FL-Studio [except Apple stuff]. Androids with HTC-Desire & Samsung Galaxy Note II
... and little reminder that all the VST plugins & Tools on the blog are free and legal. Not any crack or key.gen shit. Enjoy!

VST Warehouse - Ohm Force - Symptohm PE

Need a synth with a lot of good sounds to use without too much knob-tweaking complexity? Here comes Symptohm:Melohman in a free Performer Edition, giving you access to all of its mother's factory presets and some other customizing possibilities. No doubt you'll end up wondering where these sounds come from.

Developer: Ohm Force

Requires registration (it definitely worths)

VST Warehouse - Saltline - drzewo Brzoza

Brzoza is a 2 operator, 6 modulator FM synth. Each operator has 3 modulators each.

Developer: Saltline


VST Warehouse - Have a Peaceful Easter

Have a Peaceful Easter

Have a Peaceful Easter

VST Warehouse - LVC-Audio - Clip Shifter

Clip, Compress, Distort, or Limit: you get to choose

ClipShifter is a wave-shaping audio plugin that functions like a clipping-style limiter.  It provides enough user controls to be useful in all mixing stages: from distorting basses and drums, to maximizing mix busses and warming-up overall mixes. The sonic characteristics of the clipping distortion can be altered from hard, brickwall-style clipping, to softer saturation with compression.

Developer: LVC-Audio

ClipShifter 2.0.1 beta also has additional features, and supports OSX AU and VST

VST Warehouse - Phuturetone - Philteroid

Philteroid is a dual filter effect, suitable for use on various type of rhythmic sounds (i.e. drums, bass, synth, guitar). Beside pure filter work, Philteroid is also capable of FM, AM and saturation, and can transform plain sound to one with unique character and interesting texture.

Various filter types, from basic (LP, BP, HP, BR) to uncommon ones, can be obtained with filter type blend control and parallel/serial routing of filters. Filters can be synced in eleven predefined harmonic offsets between filter frequencies and modulated internally by audio signal (FM), ADSR envelope, envelope follower, LFO; or trough external input.

Philteroid is also armed with various amplitude modulation sources and can be used as envelope sharper, expander, noise gate, ring modulator.

Developer: Phuturetone

VST Warehouse - IK Multimedia - iRig Recorder



iRig Recorder


iRig Recorder is a powerful and flexible audio recording app for your Android device, which is convenient and easy to use. You can have a professional recording tool at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere, along with intuitive and practical editing functions and various export options to fit your audio needs — wherever your mobile life takes you.

iRig Recorder features:

• Convenient, easy-to-use mobile recording and editing app: just launch the app and press record!
• The perfect companion to iRig MIC and iRig MIC Cast for your podcasts, interviews, concerts and field recordings
• Record into iRig Recorder with your own mic, connected to your mobile device through our iRig PRE preamp.
• One-touch recording
• Optimize Volume effect (unlocked after registration) automatically sets the optimal level
• Intuitive, non-destructive editing tools to cut, crop and loop your recordings (available via in-app purchase)
• Pitch- and time-based effects let you change the speed of your recordings without affecting pitch, to adapt your audio content to other media such as video (available via in-app purchase)
• Organizes your recordings by creation date and tags with geo location
• Export files as compressed .ogg or uncompressed .wav
• Recording time is only limited by the storage space on your Android device
• 8 intelligent effects automatically optimize your recordings — no audio knowledge required! (Optimize Volume unlocked after registration; all other effects available via in-app purchase)

1. Optimize Level: automatically adjusts for optimal volume
2. Optimize Tone: automatically adjusts for optimal equalization
3. Cleanup: automatically cleans up background noise
4. Brighten Voice: automatically increases clarity of speech and vocals
5. Smooth Voice: automatically smooths harsh or overly bright vocals
6. Speed Up: speeds up the recording without changing the pitch
7. Slow Down: slows down the recording without changing the pitch
8. Change Pitch: raises or lowers the pitch of the recording without changing duration

Developer: IK Multimedia US, LLC

INSTALL (Android) 
Requires Android: 4.0 and up

VST Warehouse - SyncerSoft - Analog Nexus

Analog Nexus is vintage style warp synthesis synthesizer with extended possibilites of modulation. It has 4 types of analog style sounding filters onboard and also has reverb and delay. Its good for creation of synthetic sounds - basses, leads and pads, etc. You can create phat and strange sounds with help of detune module.

Analog Nexus Features:
  • Warp synthesis. 
  • 4 WaveForm Oscillators. 
  • 2 effects (Reverb and stereo Delay).
  • 4 Analog filter type. 
  • One tempo-syncable LFO. 
  • 64 presets. 
  • Detune effect for strange and fat sound landscapes. 
  • Full MIDI Learn.

Developer: SyncerSoft


VST Warehouse - VB Audio - Striptool

Striptool is a virtual channel strip offering various types of digital audio processings. As with a real mixing desk, you may use Striptool on all channels of a multitrack project.

Striptool includes everything you need to produce a professional mix : a 4-band parametric EQ, low-pass and high-pass filters, an expander, a de-esser and also input/output level controls. Besides, it features a set of three VU-meters respectively displaying (top to bottom) input level, gain reduction and output level.

Striptool V1 is free while Striptool V2 & V3 can be bought online [].

Striptool V1 includes the following features :

  • -24 to +24 dB Input Gain.
  • Semi-param EQ (pre-compressor).
  • "Post-Compressor EQ" switch.
  • "SIDE-CH" button allowing the EQ signal to be routed to the control input of the compressor.
  • Compressor with 3 preset knee-settings (Hard, Medium, Soft).
  • Output Gain Long-Throw Fader from -48 to +48 dB.
  • Input Level VU-meter.
  • Gain reduction VU-meter.
  • Output level VU-meter.
  • Global level-display window ("DISPLAY METER" button).

Developer: VB Audio


VST Warehouse - Novaflash - Oxytocin Synthesizer

Novaflash - Oxytocin Synthesizer

SOUND GENERATOR : (Max Poly = 8)

  • 2 x double VCO, each w/ EG
  • LFO, switchable to VCOs
  • 1 adj. noise generator w/ EG
  • 1 ring modulator
  • POLY HP, BP, LP filters, 7 flavors (12 to 36db)
  • distortion (20 modes)
MAIN AMP and MISC. (poly) :

  • free EG (HADSR)
  • Arp
  • Unison = max 3 voices, individual VCO setting, 1/100 detune
  • Main EG, ADSR + Peak
FX (mono) :

  • LoFi / BitCrusher
  • Formant filter w/ EG
  • 2 x VCF 36db (ser/par)
  • Soft Limiter
FX (stereo)

  • Delay, modulable, independent channel setup, gated mode
  • Chorus
  • Reverb, gated mode
  • Spacializer (stereo expander)
  • LFO (mono): 4 x modulator each w/ EG
Developer: novaflash


VST Warehouse - lkjb - Luftikus

Luftikus is a digital adaption to an analog EQ with fixed half-octave bands and additional high frequency boost. As an improvement to the hardware it allows deeper cuts and supports a keep-gain mode where overall gain changes are avoided.

  • Hardware-modeled EQ.
  • 10, 40, 160 & 640 Hz bands.
  • 2.5 kHz shelf.
  • optional boost-only shelf at 2.5, 5, 10, 20 or 40 kHz.
  • Mastering and analog modes.
  • "Keep-Gain" option to avoid drastic overall gain changes when eqing.
  • Output trim to adjust gain.
  • Improved design to allow deeper cuts.
Developer: lkjb


VST Warehouse - Computer Music Magazine - City Nights Samples

Much as SampleRadar enjoys living the country life, it's in the city where all the late-night action happens.

This collection of samples celebrates the sleazy concrete jungle soundtracks that you've heard in gangster movies, cop shows and crime-based videogames, so keep your wits about you and dive in. 
What you need to know

The city nights samples are divided into four tempo-labelled folders and contain bass, beat, guitar and keyboard samples. All the samples are supplied as 24-bit WAV files so can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice. Because they're royalty-free, you're welcome to use the samples in your music in any way you like - all we ask is that you don't re-distribute them.

The city nights samples are supplied in a zip file, so you'll need to extract them before you can see them. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD (24-bit WAV) (315MB)

These samples originally appeared on Computer Music magazine's cover DVD. Check out the latest issue for many more.