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VST Warehouse - AXP - SoftAmp GT

SoftAmp GT is a virtual emulation of a well-known analog guitar amplifier simulator stomp-box. The prototype is a solid state circuit that uses op-amps to saturate the signal and moderate filtering to shape the tone throughout the signal path. The speaker simulation is achieved by a steep low-pass filter as well as some middle-frequency manipulation to resemble different microphone positions. All controls of the original device are faithfully reproduced in this plug-in in addition to some unique ones described below.

AMP - general amplifier family:
  • Tweed - classic American clean-sound amps.
  • British - crunch and moderate gain.
  • California - modern hi-gain amp with a deep low-end.
MOD - gain structure of the amplifier:
  • Clean.
  • Hi-gain.
  • Hot wired (same as hi-gain but with a high-freq boost).
MIC - virtual microphone position:
  • Classic - far from the speaker.
  • Center - the most bright setting.
  • Off-axis - slightly offset microphone that provides smoothed high-freq response.
Developer: AXP