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VST Warehouse - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! May 2013 be best ever yet!!

VST Warehouse - Podolski - mini synthesizer

Podolski - mini synthesizer

Podolski is a simple, CPU-efficient virtual analogue synthesizer. Basically a cut down version of FilterscapeVA with just one oscillator, one filter, one envelope and two LFOs, it also features a Zebra-style arpeggiator/sequencer plus chorus and delay effects.Podolski's specialities are the Click parameter (emphasizes the filter attack) and its ability to seamlessly morph between three waveforms (WaveWarp).

System Requirements:
  • Current PC or IntelMac
  • CPU with SSE2
  • MacOS X 10.5 or newer
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • 1GB RAM, more recommended
  • 20MB free disc space
  • display 1200x800px and up
  • On Mac: VST2, VST3 or AU compatible host software
  • On PC: VST2 or VST3 compatible host software
  • supports 32bit and 64bit in all formats
  • (support for Pro Tools tba)
Developer: u-he


VST Warehouse - Ignite Amps - PTEq-1a

PTEq-1a is a digital emulation of a famous Vintage Program Equalizer. It has been developed to have all the characteristics of the original hardware, plus some additional features to increase it's versatility.

Every single component on the signal path of the real analog circuit has been taken into account and modeled in the best possible way to match the original sound, keeping an eye to CPU performances and real-time playability at the same time.

Main Features
  • Three bands equalization with analog curve response.
  • Dynamic ECC88 / 6DJ8 SRPP tube stage analog modeling.
  • Additional selectable frequencies compared to the original design.
  • Mono / Stereo processing support.
  • Switchable Eq and Tube stage modeling for better CPU usage management.
  • Internal oversampling for aliasing reduction.
  • Variable Input and Output Level controls.
  • Double precision (64 bit) floating point internal processing.
  • Fully automatable controls.
Developer: Ignite Amps