All Plug-ins Tested with FL-Studio [except Apple stuff]. Androids with HTC-Desire & Samsung Galaxy Note II
... and little reminder that all the VST plugins & Tools on the blog are free and legal. Not any crack or key.gen shit. Enjoy!

VST Warehouse - DSK Music - DSK Virtuoso

DSK Virtuoso is a multi-MIDI-channel module oriented to classic orchestra instruments. With DSK Virtuoso you can play great combinations of 6-layer instruments, or play a composition of up to 6 different parts through the MIDI channels selectors.

  • 6 Instrument layers.
  • MIDI channel assignable to each one.
  • ADSR, level and Pan control for each layer.
  • 40 instruments in 6 categories.
  • 2 Send Fx (Chorus& delay).
  • 1 Master reverb Fx.
  • Velocity response.
Developer: DSK Music


VST Warehouse - DSK Music - DSK BassZ


  • 24 bass sound (acoustic & synth)
  • Master section (level, pan, fine)
  • Amp. envelope
  • Velocity response
Developer: DSK Music


VST Warehouse - vescoFx - freeOutsider

freeOutsider will take any track and turn it inside out, making it sound as if the audio surrounds you. Turn to freeOutsider when you want to create a sound that fills the room and seems as though it comes from the air all around rather than from the speakers.

  • Makes your mono or stereo track sound as if the audio surrounds you rather than coming from the speakers.
  • 64-bit internal processing resolution.
  • Built in presets to get your mix jump started.
  • Full automation support of all controls for VST compliant hosts (additional extensions for REAPER).
  • Sample accurate, zero-latency algorithm.
  • Reverses phase on one side of the stereo spectrum.
  • Pan between the normal and reverse phase channels.
  • Creates an unusual hyper-stereo effect.
  • Handles mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-stereo I/O from your DAW.
Developer: vescoFx


VST Warehouse - B.Serrano - AMT-1

AMT-1 is a quad multi-filter that can work like a sequencer.

  • 4 parallel multi-filters (LP, HP, BP, Notch, Peak).
  • Each filter's parameters can be sequenced using up to 8 presets.
  • Presets can be chained with morphing.
Developer: B.Serrano


VST Warehouse - g200kg - ProtoPSG

  • 8 voice polyphonic PSG like VSTi.
  • 2 OSCs and 1NoiseGenerator.
  • 1 Envelope Generator.
Parameters the default MIDI CC#s are indicated in ().
  • OSC-A/B
    • FORM(24,25): WaveForm Select
    • OCT(28,29): Octave. -2 to +2
    • VOL(20,21): Volume
    • ADJ(31): detune between OSC-A and OSC-B
    • S&H LV(32): sample&hold modulation level
    • S&H RATE(33): sample&hold modulation speed
    • FREQ(27): Noise Frequency
    • VOL(23): Noise Volume
    • FORM(40): Envelope Form selection
    • RATE(41): Envelope speed
    • FREQ(74): Cutoff
    • RESO(71): Resonance
    • SWEEP(37): Cutoff modulation level (no modulation if center)
    • RATE(38): Cutoff modulation speed
    • EG LFO(39): Cutoff modulation mode EG=one shot, LFO=repeat
  • POL/MON(126): Mono Mode enable
  • PORTA(5): Portamento
  • LFO
    • RATE(76): LFO speed
    • PITCH(77): LFO-Pitch modulation depth.
      • A(85): OSC-A modulation enable.
      • B(86): OSC-B modulation enable.
    • PWM(79): LFO-PWM modulation depth.
      • A(87): OSC-A modulation enable.
      • B(88): OSC-B modulation enable.
  • CHORUS(93): Chorus Depth
  • DELAY(91): Delay Depth
  • VOL(7): Master Volume
  • PAN(10): Pan
Developer: g200kg


ProtoPSG 005 Demo
ProtoPSG 003 Demo

ProtoPSG 002 Demo

VST Warehouse - HOFA-Plugins - HOFA 4U Meter, Fader & MS-Pan

  • precise metering (peak, hold, EBU, LRA)
  • MS decoder
  • trim-, fader- and mute-function
  • stereo-mono switch
  • innovative panorama-function: this is the panner that you can also use for "more than stereo" panning
  • changeable plugin window size
  • mouse-over-tooltipps
  • manual onboard
  • works latency-free and with all common sample rates
  • for PC and Mac, 32 and 64 Bit DAWs
  • Audio Unit, VST and RTAS. AAX is under developement
Developer: HOFA-Plugins


VST Warehouse - platinumears - FL4TT3RY

This is a gentle squashy compressor intended for use on buses, though it also works well on channels. It has a very soft knee, with a ratio that gradually increases to hard limiting, and a choice between RMS based level detection (with a window size that depends on the attack time) or a brand new peak sensing algorithm.

This unit is inspired by a particular bit of hardware that I know quite well. Its not "modelled" however: I came up with the algorithm first, thought it sounded similar, so then skinned the plug to resemble the hardware. It is definitely not a proper model, so I'm not going to name the unit in question.

  • Very soft knee which gradually ramps up the ratio until (eventually) reaching limiting.
  • RMS based level detection, with a window size that varies depending on the attack time.
  • Powerful envelope shaping with no calibration for the time constants: use your ears.
  • Switchable high-pass filter for the sidechain.
  • Switchable asymmetric soft clipping to prevent overs.
  • Zero latency.
  • Low CPU use.
Developer: platinumears


VST Warehouse - Psychic Modulation - Paradigm Shifter

Paradigm Shifter is a beat shifting delay mangler with lots of modulation options. Here's a list of features in order of signal routing:

Shifter Section: Can produce strange results from subtle phaser type effects to extreme FSU style madness. Comes with on-board sequencer for modulating the shifter speed.

Filter Section: Making use of David Haupts brilliant Multi-filter module complete with gain compensation, and multiple stages (up to 8 stages, carefull when using high resonance in the high stages, can produce extreme loudness). Following the filter is a subtle distortion for beefing up the sound. The filter has it's own sequencer for modulating the cutoff frequency.

Delay Section: Stereo delay section with dual sequencer for modulating the delay rate and feedback. The delay has left and right panners for spreading out the delay.
  • Each effect section can be turned on/off
  • Each effect section has it's own hidden panel for extra options
  • Each sequencer can be paused, switch direction and change speed
  • Shifter and filter sequencers have glide controls for gliding the modulation between steps

Developer: Psychic Modulation


VST Warehouse - Krakli - The Lizard

Wild and Abrasive FM synth with full Envelope and LFO control of all Modulators.

Developer: Krakli


VST Warehouse - easytoolz - easy-tb 3X

An adaption (not a real Emulation) of an "old acquaintance" with the following functions: 2 X 8 waveforms - Tuning
  • A-D-EG - EG-Amount - Overdrive - Ringmodulation - Delay
  • 1-8 Step-Sequencer - Monophon - 16 User-patches
New Version with 8-Stepbuttons > Cutoff



VST Warehouse - Plektron - Comp4

Comp4 is a 4-band compressor. It can work traditionally or in side-chaining mode to boost or suppress specific frequencies. This tool allows you to manipulate the dynamics of sound on individual tracks and / or on the master channel without causing loss of quality due to the parallel compression technique.

  • 4-band compression.
  • Adjustable band frequency.
  • Internal side-chain system.
  • Soft clipping limiter.
  • Ahead delay for fast attack.
  • Pre-gain/Gain control for each band.
  • Mix control for parallel compression.
  • Analog-style meter for each band.
Developer: Plektron


VST Warehouse - Krakli - EZ-Poly

Born from the filter of the EZ synth.. EZ-poly is blessed with an 8 step analog sequencer which syncs to your hosts tempo, or can be stepped with each new note, creating some fantastic tones and note-runs.. EZ-poly comes equipped with 30 presets from the renowned Tim Conrardy showing this synth off to its fullest. If you want your synth to deliver full-blown leads, weird special FX or expressive pads then EZ-poly delivers..

Developer: Krakli

Mp3 Demo

VST Warehouse - B.Serrano - S.A.M

  • 2 VCOs (saw, pulse, noise) with FM and Sync on the second one.
  • 1 LFO.
  • 1 envelope.
  • 1 resonant LPF 24db with keyboard velocity amount.
  • Glide level.
  • Monophonic.
Developer: B.Serrano


VST Warehouse - Plektron - IRcab

IRcab is a impulses-response cabinet supporting wav impulses that can be easily found on the web. With IRcab it is possible to recreate the frequency response stored in the impulse, allowing to expand your own sound palette. The plug-in is available in two different versions, mono and stereo processing.
  • Windows VST compatible.
  • Mono or Stereo plug-in.
  • Mono or Stereo impulses compatible.
  • Impulse-set included.
  • Presence control.
  • Mix section (Stereo version only).
  • FIR filter by Rudolf Lindner.
Developer: Plektron


VST Warehouse - 4Front Technologies - 4Front E-Piano Module

4Front E-Piano is a small single sound instrument without any settings that reproduces a timbre, which is similar to DX-7 type e-piano. It is available as VSTi for Windows, and as an AudioUnit, VSTi and RTAS for Mac (see enclosed readme file).

This instrument is small on memory and CPU usage and was found useful by many users and software developers as a plug&play e-piano module, which does not require any configuration or adjustment.

Though this goes without saying for professional users, I still had a frequent question on how to use this plugin from people, who are not familiar with this technolog. One should note, that to make use of this software a plugin hosting software is necessary, such as Topten Cantabile software. A MIDI keyboard is also preferred, as it is something almost essential to create a computer music these days.

Developer: 4Front Technologies


4fepiano_demo.mp31.4M Mp3

VST Warehouse - vescoFx - freeHaas

This free VST delay plugin offers uncluttered access to essential stereo effect parameters. Turn to freeHaas when you need a more natural sounding pan effect, more clarity in the center of your mix, or just an interesting stereo VST effect.

  • 64-bit internal processing resolution.
  • Lots of built in presets to get your mix jump started.
  • Full automation support of all controls for VST compliant hosts (additional extensions for REAPER).
  • Sample accurate, zero-latency algorithm.
  • Creates a more natural pan effect.
  • Creates space in the center of your mix.
  • Turns mono tracks into stereo.
  • Mono and stereo input versions.
  • Eliminates complex routing to set up a Haas effect.
  • Handles mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-stereo I/O from your DAW.
  • Delay 1ms to 40ms Haas window controls the depth of the effect.
  • Image Selects left or right image for the input signal. A stereo image is created on the opposite side of the spectrum.
  • Mix -10dB to +10dB controls the level of the effect relative to the dry input
Developer: vescoFx


VST Warehouse - eaReckon - FREE87



The FREE87 series features four free VST effect plug-ins:
  • FR-COMP 87 (compressor + integrated 0dB brickwall limiter).
  • FR-GATE 87 (gate).
  • FR-EQUA 87 (1-band parametric equalizer).
  • FR-LIMIT 87 (brickwall limiter).
The FREE87 series is based on the upcoming ANALOG87 series which features a set of 5 high quality analog-style VST effects for Windows. Instead of just providing a limited demo of the ANALOG87 series, eaReckon is offering fully working free plug-ins using the same engine.All you need to do to get these free plug-ins is to create a free user account at

Developer: eaReckon
DOWNLOAD  (Win, Mac) *

* Requires Registration

VST Warehouse - Flux:: - Stereo Tool

Stereo Tool offers controls and visual feedback for the stereo stage. It features ultra precise controls of input gain and individual pan for left and right channels. A phase inverter is available for each channel. A global stereo pan and a stereo width setting are also implemented to complete the management of the stereo signal.

Stereo Tool also offers an accurate visual feedback reflecting the signal content. A vector scope display, Peak meters for both inputs and outputs, and a phase correlation meter permanently monitor the signal.

As all Flux:: plug-ins it features 64-bit floating point processing, up to 8 FS (384 KHz).

Developer: Flux::


VST Warehouse - Flux:: - BitterSweet II

Bitter Sweet is a free dynamics processor to manage audio transients. Turning the central button on the sweet side, decreases the transients amplitude. On the bitter side, the transients amplitude is magnified. Bitter Sweet also features a control for the signal to be processed. When the main position is engaged, the process affects the stereo signal. If Center is engaged, only the M signal of the internal MS matrix is processed. If stereo is selected, only the S signal from the MS matrix is processed.

Developer: Flux::


VST Warehouse - BigTick - Ticky Clav

Ticky Clav - Clavinet emulator

This plugin emulates the ultra-funky sound of the Hohner Clavinet, forever associated with Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. The synth engine is based on a physical modeling algorithm, faithfully reproducing the strings vibration and the 2 pickups of the Clavinet Model C. Special attention has been given to reproduce the non-linear interferences in strings decay, for an even more realistic sound. The characteristic “click” sound on key release is also emulated. A built-in wah-wah effect with selectable manual/autowah mode is also included.

  • Hohner Clavinet emulator, based on physical modelling algorithms.
  • Models strings vibration, as well as the 2 pickups of Clavinet model C.
  • Up to 32 notes polyphony, with the same note stealing algorithm as EP-Station.
  • Built-in wah-wah effect with selectable manual/autowah mode.
  • Fully midi-controlled.
  • Supports Doepfer Pocket Control midi controller.
Developer: BigTick

Requires Registration

VST Warehouse - Osiris - Aqua

Aqua is a warm sounding polyphonic analogue synthesizer with:
  • 2 Oscillators.
  • 2 LFOs with multiple routings.
  • Tempo synced delay.
  • Serial or Parallel Filter.
  • Arpeggiator.
Developer: Osiris


VST Warehouse - SPL - Free Ranger

The Free Ranger is based upon the Full Ranger-EQ from our EQ Rangers series. It is limited to four bands:
  • 16 kHz center frequency – Boost: Glitter, brilliance, air.
  • 1,8kHz center frequency – this is THE EQ test frequencies. An EQ that sounds good here is a good EQ. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to compare EQs in that range. Applications examples: Boost for more bass definition and presence, cut reduces metal for brass.
  • 150 Hz center frequency – Boost: more warmth for everything, main impact of bass instruments, fuller, fatter snares. Cut for vocals: avoids collision with bass.
  • 40 Hz center frequency – Boost: in general fuller sounds, deep bass punch (kick drum). Cut: reduces booming sounds and sub harmonic interferences.
Developer: SPL

Requires Registration (Click Here)

VST Warehouse - de la Mancha - bent

bent is a circuit-bent resynthesis effect. It will recreate the incoming audio into an approximation of itself using a waveform-morphing audio oscillator. Depending on the volume and pitch of the audio, it will gate, stutter and morph the output in sync with your host tempo.

Developer: de la Mancha


VST Warehouse - Plektron - WTComp

WTComp is an analogue tube compressor. It distinguishes itself from a common compressor due to its simple use. The only thing you have to do is to set the warm-level (compression) instead of going crazy with dozens of parameters. 

WTComp is based on the parallel compression technique that maximize the output signal rather than destroy the sound's dynamic. The tube simulation makes the sound warm and loads without distortion, processing a "fat" wave without square peaks. The advanced internal structure includes an intelligent audio-clip system. It is deal for mastering and use on single tracks.

Developer: Plektron


VST Warehouse - Distorque - Plusdistortion


The Plusdistortion plug-in is an emulation of an MXR Distortion+. It has a wide range of distortion sounds from a little bit of dirt to a giant fuzz/crunch tone. It emulates the germanium diode clipping used in the Distortion+, as well as the lo-fi op amp and just about every other aspect of the circuit. Many parts of the effect are also tweakable, so you can craft your own D+ based distortion.

In addition to the normal distortion and output controls, the following controls have been added:
  • Input level - This is a volume control on the input of the effect. You can adjust this to compensate for different pickups, different input levels, etc.
  • Oversampling - This turns 2x oversampling on and off.
  • Input Type - 'Pickup' adds a resonant low-pass filter on the input to emulate the interaction between the 1nF cap on the input and a guitar pickup. 'Buffered' removes this filter.
  • Op Amp Clipping - This controls the amount of distortion contributed by the emulated op amp.
  • Diode Clipping - This controls the hardness of the distortion from the emulated diodes.
  • High Cut - This reduces high frequencies on the output. Many distortions use controls like this to reduce harshness.
  • Low Cut - This reduces low frequencies on the input. Many distortions use controls like this to reduce muddiness and increase clarity.
Developer: Distorque

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