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VST Warehouse - platinumears - L3V3LL3R

L3V3LL3R is a faithful model of the legendary "Leveller" hardware compressor from the '60s. These units are extremely rare and collectable due to the fact that less than one of them was ever made and sold. On the plus side, this did make it possible for platinumears to collect together ALL surviving examples, and thereby create a modelled VST version that is actually more like the original units than the original units were themselves. 

The compressor uses an algorithm which is somewhere between feed-forward and feed-backward and which platinumears has therefore dubbed "feed sideways". It can be gentle and subtle if you want it to be. But its more fun when you slam it hard, especially on drums.

  • One knob compression: turn up the comp knob for more, turn it down for less.
  • Optional soft clipping keeps your peaks below 0dBFS: turn up the Gain knob to drive it harder.
  • Powerful envelope shaping, with no calibration for the time constants: use your ears!
  • Series mode: mode "II" runs two L3V3LL3Rs in series for some serious smashing.
  • Not that much cpu load at all really. Stick one on every track if you want....
Developer: platinumears


Made with SynthMaker and skinned using Skinman and Knobman.