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VST Warehouse - g200kg - Freqatic

Freqatic is an FM Synthesis based Drum Machine featuring Kick, Snare, Tom (Lo/Hi), Hat (Open/Pedal/Close) and Cymbal.

  • Effect/Output Section:
    • Overdrive.
    • Echo/Reverb.
    • Pan (Independent Pan-Lo/Pan-Hi for Toms).
    • Volume.
  • OSC Section:
    • OSC Freq (Independent Tune-Hi/Tune-Lo for Toms).
    • OSC Bend.
    • Decay Time. (Independent Open/Pedal/Close for Hat).
  • FM Section FM1 and FM2 will make modulation for OSC.
    • Tune: Modulation freq.
    • Bend: Modulation freq bend.
    • Attack Time.
    • Decay Time.
    • Modulation Depth.

Developer:  g200kg