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VST Warehouse - The Element of Surprise - Random Preset Generating Polysynth


The Element of Surprise - Random Preset Generating Polysynth


Built for the KVR Developer Challenge 2007 (won 3rd place), The Element of Surprise is a fun little freeware virtual analog polysynth that is designed for one purpose make really cool randomly generated sounds for fast inspiration and experiments in spontaneous song writing.

The interface is simple (shown full size, to the left) but under the hood there is a full synth with multiple oscillators, filters, various types of modulation, and effects, all optimized to provide a wide variety of usable randomly generated sounds.

Just click the exclamation point and get a cool sound. Fast, easy, fun, and (hopefully) inspirational.


  • A full synth under the hood
  • Randomizer tweaked to produce potentially useful results more often than not
  • Possibly the easiest envelope control color coded, click and drag square
Additional Features:
  • Optional envelope randomization
  • Velocity control
  • Inspirational writing exercise included in the manual (helps free me from writer's block)

System Requirements

  • Windows OS
  • Support for 32-bit plug-ins
  • VST compatible host
  • Moderately quick processor
  • Electricity and speakers might be handy too
Developer: Ugo Audio

NOTICE: Nov. 14, 2013: The Ugo Audio site is down for reconstruction and will be back online late 2013 or early 2014.