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VST Warehouse - Krakli - CYGNUS

Designed for Pads,  Ambient space sounds and other worldly effects, CYGNUS is offered with a full compliment of 384 patches and a choice of GUIs. The space GUI has no conventional controls and is designed to be used in an almost random pattern. The OdO version is more conventional and will provide a more familiar environment that some users will prefer to work in, However the OdO skinned Version has the extra functionality of being able to load Soundfonts ito each of the 3 oscillator locations, this feature coming about due to the plug-ins coverage at GearWire.Com

Both versions are semi-patch compatible (with the proviso that the space version will not be able to load patches created in the SF version without displaying an error) and will happily live alongside eachother in your plug-ins folder

Developer: Krakli